Brick Work Support Systems

BuildFast supplies brick ties in various shapes, sizes and materials to assist in your building requirements. Butterfly and PWD Ties are available in galvanized wire 2.5mm and 3.15mm in different lengths, to connect brick cavity walls. Vertical Twist Ties and Wall Ties with Safety Ends are manufactured in galvanized mild steel 2.5mm thick, to reduce mortar thickness. Our Stainless Steel Wall Ties with safety ends are manufactured in stainless steel Grade 304, typically used in coastal areas and corrosive environments. Brickforce is used for brick cavity walls and supplied in 2.8mm wire. SABS approved. Hoop Iron connects brickwork to columns and roofing to structures. Available in galvanized mild steel. Joluka Column Ties secures brickwork to columns. The provided holes and profiling assists with anchoring to brickwork. Column Ties bend into brickwork as required, is more economic and cost effective, and does not obstruct building work, as it bends downwards only when brickwork is at the correct level. BuildFast Multi-tie is a continuous galvanized mild steel 40 x 1.6mm, that comprises of 4 pairs of lugs 340mm which is bent into every 4th course of bricks. It is strong, reliable and provides a safe connection, as lugs are corrugated and do not pull out of mortar. Bracing Strap is supplied in 10m and 30m rolls and used to brace roof trussing.
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